What is EWT?

EWT stands for "Elites World Technology" - It is a fast growing tech media publishing website based in Nigeria. The website covers varieties of sections in the IT sector including: Web design, computer maintenance, networking, graphics, media editing, sales of computer and accessories, etc.

Introducing EwtNet – The Journey Starts Here

Elites Computer was first formed as a computer sales and maintenance center in Bonny, Rivers State, Nigeria, with the scope of delivering prompt and professional IT computer services. This entails giving customers maximum satisfaction on any services required at a minimum and affordable charge. Additional job roles are included to support the delivery of these services. Elites World of Technology (EWT) website was founded on the 16th September, 2011 as a personal blog (www.eobasi.com) of Ebenezer, where he shares computer tips and his personal experience as a blogger. This will eventually lead to the birth of EwtNet on January 13th, 2014. So far, the team is made up of graphic designers, SEO experts, web developers and computer technicians.

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We are hiring young and experienced web developers with good knowledge on PHP, JavaScript, HTML5/Css3 and graphics.

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First Hand, EwtNet was built on the foundation of excellency.

On January 13th, 2014, it became imperative that three tech-savy geeks must come together to form a global means to dispose information, offering customers maximum satisfaction on any services required at a minimum and affordable charge.
  • We believe in the beauty of quality
    Committed to delivering quality contents and services that will satisfy the demands of our readers and society at large.
  • Ensuring that information & technology is global
    Fixing your computer could be as simple as a minor Skype call, delivering quality services 24/7 around the globe.
  • Connect and share with people you can trust
    The buzz do not end here, our social media outlets allows you to share your experience with us and get massive support from our community.
We are committed to the pursuit of excellence within our services. From branding to digital marketing or website creation to full scale website development, EWT Global Solutions are able to facilitate most types of graphic & website design requests. Our vast research and collaborative connections also allow scope for projects that are outside of our web design portfolio.

This continual focus on industry developments have not only benefited EWT Global Solutions’ creative offering but has also seen many SMEs establish their presence on the internet space.

We Continuously Strive to Live Our Mission Every Day

How we do it

We will work with you in a partnership, with as much or as little input as you desire, in order to establish the best technical and visual solutions for your project. Our collaborative approach ensures that we advise, consider and understand what is the best digital solution for your business; starting with a conversation, we keep you informed and involved every step of the way.

Who we do it for

With over five years of experience, EWT Global Solutions has worked with over a hundred clients from across all sectors. From start-up companies and SMEs all the way through to large organizations, our proven track record certifies we can successfully deliver a project of any size or complexity. We are an approachable and supportive bunch; come and have a chat with us and be confidently reassured in our capabilities.

Our mission

We acknowledge that IT is growing bigger and better, there is need for EwtNet to shape in some interesting services to meet the end users demand. Our major aim is to maintain quality support to our readers and serve customers whose needs fall between the areas of networking, web designing, multimedia presentations, graphic designs, internet facilities, computer maintenance, computer and media accessories and application development.

Our services

Get acquainted with what we do at EWT Global Solutions

EWT Global Solutions provide a range of online services to help your business grow and succeed in the online arena. From website design and the ongoing maintenance on your website, through to all aspects of online promotion; we really are a one-stop-shop for all your online needs.

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